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Apmato.Guide is a technologie that allows its guests to experience the desired region in a completely new and innovative way. Travelers are offered a one-of-a-kind audio-visual experience, tailored to their individual interests in the respective region.

Throughout the guided tour, the travelers are accompanied by a mobile travel guide app and thus are provided with detailed insights into the area of interest—something that wouldn't be possible with the classic travel style.

Unparalleled possibilities

More than just an audio guide: Add web sites, social media sharing, reviews and link to your booking portal.

Your logo your app

Individual, native, offline-capable mobile app with your own branding.

Standard hardware

Common iOS and Android smartphones and tablets are suitable.


Thanks to the app and it's audio your guests are guided through the trip actively. Places of interest and other offers are pointed out geographically and precisely.

Multimedia content

Audiovisual content is combined and interactively integrated into the travel experience.

Real and digital world

The real and the digital world are merged seamlessly in order to ensure an even better travel experience.


Optionally user data can be collected and displayed in a dashboard within the app for your guests.


Upon user approval you—the provider—will receive access to the user/behavior data.

Local providers

Cross linking with local providers draws attention to local offers via the app and thus actively increases up- and cross-selling in your economic region.


With this innovative concept your guests can enjoy a new and unprecedented travel experience. With the interactive advantages of the Apmato.Guide an new dimension of experience has been created. Not only your guests can benefit from this added value but you and your regional partners as well.

Geotagging can be used to point out regional businesses and offers that might be of interest for your guests. Through the mediation of third party services, a recommendation platform is created in a subtle way within the travel guide. Weather these offered entries are monetized by you or not is entirely up to you.

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